Sat 17th June: ISD Puts More Bands on for Your Pleasure


We thought we’d take May off from putting gigs on as there were two All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals to contend with and a bunch of other events…and it looked like I might have had to move out (luckily not).

So, the next band night is now coming up fast [b]Saturday 17th June, 2006[/b] and we’re nothing if not predictable when it comes to this sort of affair, so the venue remains the same: Upstairs at the Enterprise, 2 Haverstock Hill, right by Chalk Farm tube, a map (for those who foolishly missed the last one) can be found [url=,-0.153058&spn=0.003009,0.009881]HERE[/url].

This time we’re putting on (in the order we booked them):

[url=] Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element[/url] who we put on way back about the same time last year. We’re talking various amounts of pre-recorded backing tracks, messed-up beats and samples, with layers of clever guitar phrasing. Oh and it’ll be very, very loud.

[url=] Popular Workshop [/url] are a bit of a “finally” for me, since I’ve been trying to put one of Gypsy’s bands on for about three years. They’ve got one fine single out already with [url=] Studio Penguin [/url] and another in the pipeline for later this year with [url=] Tigertrap [/url] so it’s fair to say they’re making an impact. Soundwise it’s…erm…good. Really good. Frankly, they seem to gig every other day so if you’ve not heard them already you’re probably dead. They’re worth seeing as often as possible so we’re happy to give you that opportunity.

[url=] Wolfie [/url] apparently formed from a joke on a message board for a popular London club or something. Not that it matters because the stuff they produce is amazing. The sound’s probably oweing a lot to pre-‘corporate swim’ Sonic Youth but un-mistakeably their own. Come down and enjoy their wild sounds.

Finally…it’s our old friend TBC. I’ve got some feelers out right now and hopefully it’ll be someone special but we’ll see how commitments and such work out.

Oh yeah, it’ll be £3 to get in or £4 if you don’t have a flier, or aren’t on the mailing list (sign up at the site or at our MySpace). Doors will be about 7.30 I expect.

Incidentally, this gig clashes with a World Cup group match between Italy and the USA. Unless you are in fact Italian or American, we hope your priorities will see you at our gig, but if you really must consider a minor World Cup clash to be that important, we hope you’ll come along after, beered up and prepared to have missed at least two truly great bands. With luck you’ll be in time for the headliners.

Thank you for your time,

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