Album Review: 3hostwomexicansandatinorspanners "Pegasus Bridge"

The band with an almost indecipherable name have been playing the sort of clubs I go to for some time now but I’ve managed to miss them every time. And I’m now quite pissed off about it because on the strength of this album they should be bloody amazing. Previous releases from [url=] Noisestar [/url] (well the ones I’ve owned) have been beautiful slabs of vinyl, but this is an MP3-friendly CD, perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing but certainly practical. Reading the song titles is enough pique my interest:

[I] Although Michael Moore is a virtuous individual he is an appalling film maker [/I]
[I] Public Order Offences Keep Solicitors in Work [/I]
[I] She Was a Capitalist [/I]
[I] Coked Up Supermodels Likcing Shit Off a Blind Vicar’s Cock [/I]

are a small selection of the twelve tracks that burn out in a little over twenty-seven minutes.

The sound reminds me strongly of much of Mclusky’s [I]mypainandsadnessismoresadandpainfulthanyours[/I], though [url=] 3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners [/url] are little heavier and little more fond of stop-start beats. I guess there are some Fugazi comparisons to be made too, which is never a bad thing. The lyrics are good (though not necessarily seeming to have much to do with the song title) with [I]She Was a Capitalist[/I] standing out particularly. In fact it might be my favourite track after [I]Topless Dudley Streetfighting[/I]. [I]Rock Song[/I]’s “Crack-Cocaine is my mother…” chorus is another favourite.

On the booklet is a small rant that’s been accompanying the album adverts. It goes on about music not being about getting you famous and selling stuff, etc.; shit that Bill Hicks would have been proud of. Personally I like the point made toward the end: “[Music] needs to be difficult or it stops moving forward, and gets fucking boring.” Indeed, words to live your life by.

Did I say ‘buy this album’ yet? I hope so.

[url][/url] – Noise Star Records, where you can get this silver disc.
[url][/url] – ‘3hos’ is much easier to say and remember, it’s true.

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  1. Theo Graham-Brown says:

    The London, Brighton and Leeds ones can be found on our Events page and in our Listings:

    11th May 2006 The Qubar, Margate

    12th May 2006 The Barfly, Camden, London

    13th May 2006 The Forum, Tunbridge Wells

    16th May 2006 The Fenton, Leeds

    18th May 2006 The Albert, Brighton


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