Apologies for the last Newsletter


There are apparently some ‘teething troubles’ with the newsletter system. When I get a moment free (hopefully Saturday) I will be going over and trying to fix them. The technical reason (for those who care) is that I ran a cron job that unaccountably tried to resend the last newsletter.

So in summary, you got the newsletter from last week delivered to your inboxes, for which I am really quite sorry and fairly irritated about. If only all things on the web were simplistic, eh? *sigh*.

I actually don’t think that anyone got it twice. Looking over it might appear that only part of the email list gets the email immediately, and part gets it when I run the background job. So if anyone gets this one twice, please email me back and tell me, otherwise I’ll assume everything is under control…

As I’ve (possibly) got your attention, I’ll just say that:

– The next one should be at the Enterprise again, on Sat 17th June and will feature Popular Workshop and Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element, plus some others (who we’ve not yet confirmed with).

– We will shortly be publishing an interview we conducted with Guy of Globalise Resistance.

– There will be a review going up of the shockingly late-running and busy night of the 22nd April going up in about a week.

Thanks to all the bands who played for us: Sunset Gun, The Cathode Ray Syndrome* and Dirtblonde. I’m in Mokita so it would seem somewhat narcissistic to put a thank you in that list, but cheers to my three bandmates for putting up with my stressed out situation as co-organiser.

Apologies once again for sending of the newsletter late/twice.


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