The next ISD Band night: Saturday 22nd April

Okay, so the last one was so good we have already got another night of entertainment booked for you.

The venue is the same: Upstairs at the Enterprise, 2 Haverstock Hill, right by Chalk Farm tube, a map (for those who foolishly missed the last one) can be found [url=,-0.153058&spn=0.003009,0.009881]HERE[/url].

However, the day is a drink-friendly SATURDAY and we should have had five bands but regrettably the Lucida Console have had to pull out so the confirmed line up is as follows:

A boy, a girl, a bass and a drum machine, producing the sort of dirty, melodic short tracks of which a young Sonic Youth would be proud. The website’s a bit hard to take but don’t let that put you off.

[b]The Cathode Ray Syndrome*[/b]
Think Mogwai meets a more mathrock sort of ideal. Or if that makes no sense to you think instrumental stuff in the classic quiet/loud vein, with melodies that grab you and rhythms that jarr you out of your complacency. They’re good, basically.

[b]Sunset Gun[/b]
Sunset Gun’s singer Alice used to be in Alice and the Enemies. They’ve got the sort of sound that would be called ‘pop’ in a decade where it wasn’t a dirty word: good melodies, distorted guitars, some ‘cello, some keyboard, a bit My Bloody Valentine at times. Well there’s a link to the MySpace to hear it.

I’m in this band so I won’t bother to try to describe us. There are songs on MySpace and there are more at the website [url][/url]

And Coops from [url=]Faculty[/url] will be helping us out by spinning the discs and preventing us from having to try to piece together five or six compilation CDs to juggle between the bands.

Entry will be £4 if you take the flyer available here:

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