The site is back and news of the 22nd April: the next ISD night at the Enterprise


I’ve just returned from a couple of excellent gigs and found that the internet’s been beavering away, resulting in a successful website transfer to the new hosting company. This last week has been a bit of a nightmare as our old hosters seem to be unable to (a) do things with any speed or (b) do them with any sort of skill. The new company should see me at least have some decent support if and when things do go wrong.

I should briefly say that both Untitled Music Project and FO Machete were fantastic and are well worth checking out. Maybe we’ll even try to put one or both of them on in the future. But for now the next gig line up is as follows:

The Cathode Ray Syndrome*
The Lucida Console
Sunset Gun

It’ll be once more at the Enterprise in Chalk Farm and the date is [b]Saturday 22nd April[/b].

Look out for a more detailed run-down on the site soon. There is a also a list of links to them at our MySpace:

If the site isn’t up for you when you click then keep trying over the next few days. It may take until lunch time Monday for all the links to change to the new hosting site.

Thanks for your patience
Theo Graham-Brown (webmaster)

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