Next ISD Band Night: Thurs 23rd March

“The old ISD Mailing List is dead, long live the ISD newsletter.”

Welcome to the new, still only occasional, iShotTheDeputy newsletter. The main reason for its inauguration is to inform all of our site members about the upcoming night of bands we’re putting on upstairs at the Enterprise in Chalk Farm on Thursday 23rd March.

We’ll be putting on:
[b]Swimsuit Issue[/b] – [url][/url]
[b]Scarla O[/b] – [url][/url]
[b]No Bra[/b]
[b]The Faculty[/b] – [url][/url]

The doors should be about 7.30pm, the first band should be on about 8pm but cut us some slack if things (as they so often do) run a little late. We realise it’s a Thursday but everyone can handle a hangover on a Friday, right? Come down and enjoy four excellent bands.

The Enterprise is at 2 Haverstock Hill [url=,+Camden,+Greater+London,+NW1&ll=51.552633,-0.152779&spn=0.034583,0.157928](Google Maps Link)[/url] – take a left out of Chalk Farm tube.

Entry will be £3 or £2 if you have a flyer. There are four to collect:

And note, that money’s going to the bands, not into our greasy mitts.

[i]If you’ve received this as an email it’s because you’re ae member of [url][/url]. If you would rather not receive it then either email me directly on [url][/url] or login into the site and click the ‘unsubscribe’ button that will appear on the left hand side, underneath your user menu.

If you’re reading this via a link on the site and you would like to receive it as an email in future then you’ll see the ability to subscribe on your left. If you’re a member it’ll be a subscribe button. Otherwise you’ll have to enter an email address.[/i]

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