Band Night: Thurs 23rd March is putting on an evening’s entertainment on Thursday 26th March 2006, at the Enterprise pub, opposite Chalk Farm Tube in Camden [url=,-0.153058&spn=0.003009,0.009881](GOOGLE MAPS LINK)[/URL]. Entry is £3, or a mere £2 with a flyer (this time, it‘s cult footballers – watch out for a young Charlie Nicholas), which you can download right here. Check links (below) or rely on the following brief summaries – the choice is yours.

The Faculty
June’s headliners will be opening this time. Singer looks like Franz Ferdinand bloke but don’t let that put you off. Reviewed elsewhere on the site. Good tunes and barefoot bassist.

No Bra
The brilliant degenerates responsible for 2005’s Munchausen single. Arguably the most bizarre live act around at the moment. “I caught Syphilis in Top Shop”…

Scarlo O
Rather lovely melodic stomping from Bill Bold and band.

Swimsuit Issue
Pretty Dirty-era-Sonic-Youth type racket.

Doors 7.30pm. There will also be a wonderful CD available on the night, featuring tracks from the above as well as Cathode Ray Syndrome, Shooting at Unarmed Men, Dirtblonde, Sunset Gun and others (that’s “others” with a small “o”, as in “other bands”, certainly not The Others. I repeat, The Others will not be appearing on the CD). There will, however, be no delegation from Wella Shockwaves, and no honouring of Coolest People.

The evening’s festivities will be dedicated to the New Musical Express (NME), who managed to put Smash Hits out of business this year.


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