Jaed’s Debut Download Single – ‘Catherine/ Gutter Girl’ (Instant Karma) – December 12th

Jaed’s Debut Download Single – ‘Catherine/ Gutter Girl’ (Instant Karma) – December 12th

From ancient mythology to the modern day celebrity we have celebrated the rise of the underdog. Australian punk rock three-piece Jaed is fronted by ex-junkie Vanessa Eve, “I was a Gutter Girl” she sings. Is so fantastic about her unique story is that it goes to show that the old cliché every cloud has a silver lining can and does apply on your way to jail. The cloud in this instance was that she was caught shoplifting, the silver lining that this resulted in her ‘discovery’.

The 0:47 minute ‘Catherine’ begins with a menacing Gorillaz-esque laugh then shifting into a bark like “1-2-3-4!” Then prematurely bursting into song the pace is set for the following remainder of all 3:52 minutes of remaining downloads available for your to quench your thirst for nu-punk pleasure. “You think that we’re junkies/But you don’t wash your undies” is however, sung with a distinctly husky, female American accent to it. The immortal lyrics “Be true to your school” spring to mind.

Following this is ‘Gutter Girl’; where there is a clear shift in gear from a faint stain on the kitchen wall to something with great budding musical potential. Although admittedly a pathetic attempt at poetry, when heard on fourth or fifth listen the lyrics incorporate a great emotion with perfectly grotty imagery through choice of words. Some great cymbal usage and typically punk guitar and bass top it all off rather nicely leaving you with an air of uncertainty of what is yet to come.

The download is taken from the album Dirty Days, set for release in 2006. See http://www.jaedmusic.com for more.

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