These New Puritans & Telley @ Dublin Castle, London Nov 3rd 2005

These New Puritans are a heavy handed combo from, well, Essex. By ‘heavy handed’ I mean ‘they appear to have a strong liking of Metal-y chords’ and like to shout. They were rather good and certainly looked the part, too! If you do that sort of DUHN DUHN DUHN music, you gotta do it with conviction – These New Puritans did just that. Real shame there was only about five people watching.

Telley are a straight forward, pleasant indie ‘supergroup’ (well, there’s someone from Spearmint, someone from an exciting German band called Mikrofisch and someone from The Scaramanga Six!). This is the indiepop thing done well. VERY well, in fact. And it’s not all the time you get a singer dressed entirely in white (with little stripey tie to boot). The old guitar pop thing may seem dated to the seasoned cynic, but we really do need more bands like this, in this White Stripes and Coldplay infested world of ours. No trust me, we do. And, you can’t argue with songtitles like ‘Mum, they make me read!’ either, that’s for sure. Telley also come with this odd toe-tapping and hum-the-next-morning factor included at no extra charge. Hooray!

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