Kill Devil Hills

South London boys Kill Devil Hills have had a go at the whole punk thing and the results are not entirely undesirable. Their name is quite possibly derived from the North Carolina Kill Devil Hills, appropriately named after a brand of rum (Kill Devil rum) was washed ashore during the colonial period.

Punk was originally designed to shock people into making a reaction, and since its roots have stemmed out to the reaches contemporary culture twenty years on. Such a shock reaction has inevitably therefore been lost. What we conscribe to be post-punk today thus fails to shock and perhaps more to the point, inspire. In reality, there is not much left to shock people with. The leftover of which is the musical legacy of the 80’s New York.

So how do Kill Devil Hills compare? Not going so far as to insult, but clearly there is nothing innovative, shiny and new here. What you do get however, is lots of feedback, some nicely frustrated guitar and sweet bass lines. The basic drumming and Americanised vocals do however let the side down a bit. Having said that, the demo suggest that they might sound slightly better live as supposed to stuck within the constraints of inside of a stereo.

In the words of John Lyndon in a recent interview with Q; “Enjoy your own culture and stick with what you know.” Kill Devil Hills are good, but they could be better.

See for more, or for more on the story of the North Carolina hill.

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