The name STRESSED VOLUME 2 is deceptive. What soon becomes clear is that this CD is not only a compilation of Derby’s finest and their stand out tracks, but that it is also a compilation of rock genres. At the mouth-wateringly cheap price of a single (£3) you really do not want to miss out on this insight into contemporary indie.

The CD starts off with some light distortion courtesy of Smiths influenced My Psychoanalyst. Cinderella certainly does not provide the best of beginnings and you can’t help but feel a little messed around with; this is not stressy music; it’s a 3:55 minute whine. Track two then sets the scene for what is to follow. It is stressed, intense, enigmatic and memorable; it is what can be classified as pop-Goth rock (if such a thing exists). Perhaps label politics prevented Younogodie from getting the top-spot, but it is nonetheless a welcomed improvement and foreshadows the transitions to follow.

This eclectic blend ranges from indie-seven-piece – Plans and Apologies’ (what a mouthful) pretty, not stressed Eggbound Mutebone track 2. A young emotionally tapped listener’s Rakes or rather, a mild but rather less musically astute Morrissey. Then reaching out as far as the heavy bass lines of post-punk rockers The Atom’s – You Can’t Break My Heart, sadly spoiled by a quick get-out finish of downing the volume. What with rack 16 later providing the token girl band and their feminist rant (Patchwork Grace – Doll’s House) while the weird-as electronica instrumentals come courtesy of Biba you are going to feel musically cultured to the point of bursting. Not of course not missing out on a touch of EMO track 9 (– In Flight Program) and another 2:29 minute instrument-only rock set at track 10 (- by You Slut!).

The most outstanding track award goes to Lardpony – Scene But Not Heard (, and the “most familiar sounding award “ going to Easy Green – Down Down Down. The eclectic range of music on this CD gets stranger by the minute, but if you like indie in any shape or form, it is snack money well spent.

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2 Responses to STRESSED VOLUME 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m from younogodie and i’m glad you didnt have a dig at us thanx
    as for the selections theres no label politics
    these are all bands that have raised the money for the cd to be made
    it is a mixed bag and not everyones gonna like every track but
    everyone believes that its an improvement on stressed vol 1
    phil has done a ace job of bringing all us derby bands together for this and we are all grateful

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