London's Most Dangerous Band Break Cover

Napoleon once said “Glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever”

He could quite easily could have been talking about White Man Kamikaze, the band that are fast becoming London’s best kept musical secret. They have done very few gigs, they have no record out and they only have one song recorded, the urgent and quite brilliant Robot Dogs. Almost everyone seems to have heard their name but very few people have actually seen the band play a live show. I saw them play a special midnight gig in New Cross about 2 months ago and they tore the place apart in a 15 minute whirlwind of blood and sweat, I was hooked immediately. About a month later I was asked if I wanted to go along and interview the band at their rehearsal space in Denmark Street, they were in high spirits and after tearing through a few new songs I managed to slip them my ill prepared questions………

How would you describe your music?
“Not quite spherical but with angles.”
“Like Sputnik.”

What inspires your music?
“History and progress.”
“Other people’s violence.”

Do you think you are special?
“That’s not for me to say really, I don’t know.”
“I’d say we were, we are honest as fxxk and that’s rare isn’t it?”

Is it true that you stole all your instruments?
“That’s just a rumor.”

I heard that you were described as the most dangerous band in London, is this true?
“Yes, that’s probably about right, trouble seems to follow us around.”

There seem to be a lot of myths surrounding your band already, why do you think this is?
“It’s actually random people starting these dark rumors, our organ player was at a gig the other day and he mentioned to someone that he was in the band and they started ranting about how we stole a van and drove to France in it.”
“I’ve never even been to France.”

Your live show is fairly out of control, how do you plan to get that sound on record?
“Science and espionage.”
“We could always just make a live album.”
“Like Ted Nugent.”
“I hate live albums.”

What are your plans for the immediate future?
“To write a musical version of Stalingrad.”
“Create chaos out of order, that’s it.”

White Man Kamikaze are playing the Camden Barfly on the 20th October and personally I can’t wait that long…….
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7 Responses to London's Most Dangerous Band Break Cover

  1. arsemonkey says:

    they sound soooooo interesting!

    i cannot wait to see them. creating chaos out of order. fuck me. where can i find (and suck) their cocks?

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