Similar Sites

No one site covers all the same ideas as iShotTheDeputy but God is in the TV comes close. They’ve published a couple of articles by our own Nathaniel Mehr, though their primary focus is on music and promoting gigs. Drowned in Sound is probably the oldest UK music site outside of something like NME.COM and a good deal better than any other in terms of depth and scope; if Mike Diver likes an album it’s worth giving it a listen. FRINK is a site co-run by our own Vivian Marie, reviewing releases and gigs, and organising events and Tiny Voices is another excellent music zine.

Music and Bands

To list all the bands we have ever taken an interest in would take a while. You could begin reading here and following the links. It is worth mentioning the best promoters out there: All Tomorrow’s Parties, KNOM, Upset the Rhythm and Eat Your Own Ears can all be relied upon to put on great gigs, and pull in some great line ups. POWPOWPOW began life as a general music site like Drowned in Sound but has since changed to concentrate exclusively on putting on gigs.


What follows is a list of important campaigning organisations.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Mordechai Vanunu
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Palestinian Solidarity Campaign
Jews Against the Occupation
Jews Against the Occupation
Respect (The Unity Coalition)


Independent Media UK
The Onion (satirical)
Politics @ Slashdot

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