Radio 4's 'Talking Politics' discusses the Internet's ability to topple dictatorships and failure thereof.

On Saturday morning, Talking Politics tackled the subject of the Internet as used to to emancipate those in oppressive regimes. Back in the early days of the industry many people, Murdoch included, claimed the internet, by providing freedom of information, would allow people living under regimes of questionable morals to empower themselves with information and bring these governments down.

Of course, the truth is that China is such a lucrative market that companies like Google, Yahoo! and of course Murdoch himself, have been happy to censor what they are allowing the Chinese to view. In Yahoo!’s case, a user of their email account in China who posted about democracy was successfully jailed because they had agreed to Yahoo!’s terms and conditions which included not breaking the laws of your country. Clearly these rules were made under the U.S. regime, not the Chinese.

The program is available until Saturday on the BBC’s listen again site and is WELL WORTH taking a listen.

The main programme site:

You may well need to download the Real Player which is annoying but there you go.

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