Formally Introducing We Are Scientists

Formally Introducing We Are Scientists – the interview + the bits I missed out on…

“We started this thing the way we begin almost any venture that we undertake – we were forced into it by a third party, either with threat of physical harm or emotional ruin. In this situation, it was a case of good old-fashioned blackmail. These guys, these Russian guys, they knew some things that we’d rather keep quiet. So: We Are Scientists.”

Gawky rock groups tend to release gawky rock songs. Not We Are Scientists. Instead what you get is more along the lines of quirky, clever, insanely catchy indie.

Their lives have (relatively) recently become an epic of their own accord. We Are Scientists were star spotted at SXSW by (BBC Radio1 DJ) Steve Lamacq and booked for several sessions 10 minutes after having exited stage left.

With Love And Squalor, their enormously anticipated debut album is due out on October 17th, following up the release of the neurotic art rock epic The Great Escape. The self-proclaimed “revered” Keith graced us with a quickie fresh from Frog.

How are things going for you guys?
“Things are going incredibly. You wouldn’t believe how well they’re going – it’s quite literally not credible. I’m not even going to go ahead and compromise my credibility by giving you the specifics of our current fortune. Just trust me: it’s literally incredible.”

Musical streams of consciousness have never sounded so good, nor for that matter been so addictive. To sum up their songs in a line or so, they’re enigmatic as they are fun as they are frustrating.

How was Frog?
“He was good, although he had just gotten over a cold and looked rather ashen.”

You haven’t ever dissected a frog though have you?
“I have bisected a frog.”

How do you come up with your songs?
“You think I’m going to tell you my trade secrets? That’s the last thing I need, you and everyone who reads your magazine, running around, writing my very songs.”

Are you religious?
“Well, I am revered.”

How much did you enjoy this interview?
“Almost too much!”

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