Intelligent Design

“Let us make man in our image, after or likeness; and let him have domination over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all earth, and over every creeping think that creeps upon the earth.”­ Genesis 26:1

US Christians want “intelligent design” to be taught alongside evolution in school. The latest development in the argument for intelligent design states that life on earth is too complicated to have evolved. By contrast, Darwin’s theory of evolution states that only the fittest of life on earth survived by adapting to its environment and evolved into more intelligent species.

The intelligent design theory is based around faith, not science. Nevertheless, it is a widely believed theory. What must be taken into consideration is not simply that there is no empirical evidence for the theory of evolution, but precisely what the US government aims to achieve by adding the theory to the syllabus.

Everything ‘concluded’ from science is speculative. Students are encouraged to reach their own conclusions. Therefore, realistically there is no reason for such a popular, but similarly speculative theory to be included in the syllabus if it would aid American students in making a more informed decision between the two. However, the intelligent design theory does not fit in with such logic.

“I’m concerned about implying that there is some sort of scientific argument going on. There’s not”, evolutionary biologist and a likely highly shaken Richard Dawkins states. “You can’t prove intelligent design by experiment.” The arguement stands that the argument for intelligent design appears more of a question of faith.

“Both sides ought to be properly taught,” President Bush comments on the subject matter. In a survey conducted of 1,000 adults in June, 54% did not believe that humans developed from an earlier species, and 55% thought that children should be taught both arguments.

As science has taught us; the affecting factors when conducting experiments should always been taken into consideration when reaching your conclusion. The highly patriotic United States of America was once where persecuted minorities seeking liberty fled. Perhaps therefore, isolating and teaching a singular, illogical religious argument in science class could reflect another step backwards on such freedoms.

Victoria McNaught-Davis

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