SINGLE REVIEW: Just So You Know, by INME

INME are an emo Essex three-piece with a twist, a great a sense of humour.

Before writing this review I found myself looking at the merch section of their website. Amongst your typical CDs and T-shirts on sale were “INME” thongs. £4.99 for a piece of INME in… can you see where I’m going with this?

I digress. More to the point, “Just So You Know”, the third single to be taken from their album ‘White Butterfly’, is emo trash. The song abstractly describes one of those really silly ‘Just so you know, I never fancied you in the first place’ moments. It serves a good metaphor for such situations simply because the lyrics are intangible nonsense. The instrumentals are very typical emo slow-intense-slow sectioning. The noise that this combination creates is worsened by the vocals – a pendulum of American-Essex growling between chorus and verse (the name Fightstar comes to mind).

“I was dreaming before that she believes that I’m the one who’s on her side/Cannot let this go until I get my way/Stay”; they are not being serious, are they?

See for more.

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