EP Review: Stand Alone, by Movie

Movie are a “dynamic”, “ambitious”, “energetic”, four-piece from South London; so far so good. Their songs are emotional rock which escapes the emo category through the combination of their broad capability of sounds, and what soon becomes apparent, their talent; with their instruments at least. But it’s the little details that make the big difference. As a whole this CD is just not that good.

As first impressions go, track one is utterly dire. ‘Over The Hill’, has some horrible vocals, but a nice tune to it, which is a shame. The guitars start off menacingly and progress into some rather over-ambitions cymbal accompaniment. They initially come across as extremely promisingly. The overall sound on ‘Over The Hill’ is big, yet it still manages to remain to seem genuine, if only for its more abstract qualities.

Track two – ‘Wake Up Blind’ takes it down a notch, the result of which is a definite improvement. The lyrics sound prettier although the ideas behind them remain indifferent; “There’s a body in the basement” comes across positively charmingly. The Simon’s persona for this song believes that he needs to suffer in order to write good songs and hence, “Wake up blind”.

Track three – ‘Avalanche’ sounds incredibly like ‘Wake Up Blind’ to the extent of which it is difficult to differentiate between the two. Track four; ‘Ghostman’ is a refreshing change to track twins 2&3. It’s a haunting 8 minutes, 59 second nursery rhyme with some nice riffs between dreeeeam’s.

There is definite room for improvement. Overall the songs seem uncomfortable; the vocals are not coming naturally and the songs aren’t all that passionate, although to give them credit where it’s due the lyrics do seem genuine. It is the simple matter of being comfortable in your own skin that is the simple differentiation between a good band and a poor band.

Victoria McNaught-Davis
Friday, 09 September 2005

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