DOWNLOAD REVIEW: Million Dead – To Whom It May Concern, released 19th September (Xtra Mile Recordings)

‘To Whom It May Concern’ is the third single to be taken from the Londoners; Million Dead’s critically acclaimed second album ‘Harmony No Harmony’.

It’s a shout-out to people who are have found themselves obliged to work thankless jobs, or end up in positions that they are unhappy about being in. “I’m only working here because I need the fucking money”, frustratingly chimes the chorus; the fact that we’ve all somehow found ourselves ending up in such positions is the signature of a good song writer. The tune however, is disappointingly placid and consequentially the end result thus becomes all too easy to forget.

Sadly, the lyrics are quite difficult to decipher which are most defiantly this song’s greatest attribute. This results in the entirety of this very relatable and insightful track ending up lost in the midst of some annoying vocals. It is available for download alongside 2004’s ‘I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder’.

‘I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder’ rapidly picks up the pace, but lacks in what TWIMC succeeded; the potential for a decent hook. This is definitely the better of the two tracks. Combine ‘TWIMC’ and ‘IGMETSW’ and you have yourself a winner.

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