SINGLE REVIEW: Paul Anka – Smells Like Teen Spirit; 12th September, Globe Records

Cigar smoke is wafting it’s way through the room and you’re sipping on your martini perched on the edge of the pannelled bar. Que the light dim and then, the band. “Load up on guns and bring your friends/ It’s fun to loose and to pretend”, Anka tunefully belts out. Your partner clutches onto your hand and pulls you onto the dance floor.

Your bog standard cover version Paul Anka’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is not. But it works, infact it’s almost as catchy as the original that is, if jazz is your thing. Frank Sinatra fans will be delighted with this remake; Nirvana fans could swing either way.

What Mr. Anka can reassure himself in, is that not only has he made jazz a bit more relatable. However, whether people want to relate to a forty year old guy in a suit sucking the last ounce of air out of Kurt’s iron lung is an entirely different matter indeed.

See for more.

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