Dirt Blonde Q&A – "I starve myself to keep fit, and Lula's bulimic. We're hoping it'll increase our chances of getting signed."

Vivian vs. Ivan from Dirt Blonde

Vivian: Describe your band…
Ivan: One Boy. One girl. One drum-machine. Noise.

V: Why be in a band?
I: Life’s too boring otherwise. I’d have to kill myself.

V: What are your songs about?
I: Jaded sexual encounters.

V: What do you aim to achieve?
I: Being banned from Top Of The Pops/ bring an end to the Britpop revival/ Invent a new popular hairdo/ meet Bono (and call him a wanker to his face). But we might just end up as miserable failures, anyway.

V: What influences you?
I: Boredom, sex and noise.

V: What pisses you off?
I: Most things.

V: Is weight an issue for you?
I: I starve myself to keep fit, and Lula’s bulimic. We’re hoping it’ll increase our chances of getting signed.

V: Who are some of your favourite bands at present?
I: Art Brut, Magik Markers, Franz Ferdinand, Ruby Tombs

V: Least favourite?
I: Oasis. They are so shit now, even Jet writes better songs- and they’re pretty dire already.

V: What has the public’s reaction to you been like so far?
I: They love us. Apart from some people in Liverpool who can’t accept a band that doesn’t worship The La’s.

V: What are your songs about?
I: Fear and violence.

V: “There’s no progress without struggle” – how have you had to struggle to get to where you are?

I: Carrying all our gear own our own, up an down the country, using public transport, to play some shit gigs no one attended, and coming back home the next day with your whole body in pain, and much poorer.

Spending hours contacting people in the hope they’ll pay attention to your band. Most of the time it feels like banging your head against the wall, you don’t know if you’re a fucking idiot or doing the right thing. If you’re a new, unsigned band, it means you’re not part of the system, of the big record industry, and that’s what most people and the media care about.

V: How have you progressed?

I: More people have heard us. We got more fans now than one year ago, people who love us and think we’re different and exciting. We got our song “The hangmen” played on BBC Radio 1 a few times now. And someone important like Alan McGee got us a few paid gigs in London, in front of decent crowds. Which’s more than we had the year before.

We’ve been invited to have our own monthly club night in a cool new venue in Liverpool, Korova. And we also got a manager now butb we still need day jobs. We’re not as successful as we hope to be.

I still feel like a loser, and still unsure whether I’m a fucking idiot or not.

V: How was ‘Liverpool Calling’?

I: A big success. It WAS the best gig night in Liverpool this summer, just like we said it would be. Snow White couldn’t play, but we got Ruby Tombs from Leeds and they were amazing, just like the other bands. It was probably one of our best performances ever, as well.

See http://dirtblonde.co.uk/ for more.

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