Hot Oxford Band – Ivy's Itch, Reviewed

Ivy’s Itch is an Oxford-based four-piece enigma of a heavy rock band. Their two-track sampler CD of their 2004 EP Beneath The Skin revives a sense of euphoria that has been missing since the 90’s dance glory days. It’s evoked through Eliza Gregory’s lulling vocals which scarily but effectively contrast their more grunge like choruses. Which, combined with their use of instruments (bass, guitar, drums) this sends their sound rocketing into the far more familiar genre of rock.

The abstract lyrics “We’re locked in a hospital/And I can’t drive” don’t make Ivy’s Itch an easy listen, but their being so different is what cultivates the special air that fogs them. They sound very much their own and in this age of decade revivalists this is hopefully one of the first steps forward. Bewitching and captivating as they are deranged.

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