ALBUM REVIEW: Roe Sham Bo – [serotonin], Bad Trip Recordings, Release date n/a

A step by step album review.

North London heavy rock band Roe Sham Bo recently self-produced released [serotonin] in May of this year on Bad Trip Records. The result of which is an extremely diverse twelve tracks complied from their favourite tour numbers.

The CD cover is frustratingly deceptive; it holds astounding similarities to practically every other rock album cover in the whole entire world (Virgin Megastore at least), so it doesn’t reflect on either the quality or originality of their music like it should. It would also appear that more is known of the similarly titled game than the band themselves.

Strip away these hideous mistakes and what is revealed is some really well produced, fairly original material that isn’t too in your face for it to be entirely un-enjoyable. Inevitably there are going to be your typical heavy guitar solos and dud tracks, just like on every other rock album that you’re ever going to hear on this planet, but they pull it off well.

The diversity throughout, and unusual subject choices – namely Baby In The Bathroom, make for an interesting listen and provide an insightful perspective on them via streams of consciousness. The emotions that they have intended to evoke through their music are conveyed extremely well and at at points are heart achingly painful but at points the lyrics do get a bit cheesy;

through the streets i came crawling
where the black bird stands
and the ruins of a universe in my two bare hands

The album highlight is This Don’t Feel Right where their diversity climaxes; ok, the album doesn’t look right, but something about it feels right.

See for details

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