Nine Black Alps @ Mean Fiddler, Frog Night

Graced by the likes of MTV’s Alex Zane accompanied by copious numbers of his fellow indie folk, Frog was a predictable fantastic success.

Earlier this morning Nine Black Alps returned to Charing Cross Road, London still jet lagged from the American leg of their perma-tour. During this tour not only did they acquire a number three spot in the US college charts having just recently their first US EP; but a couple of American accents in accompaniment.

Having failed to advertise anywhere other than the concerned websites, Nine Black Alps fans were sparse. Many younger fans having wished to attend didn’t bother to show due to the strict ID policy maintained at all Frog nights. Nevertheless, being distinct in their angry, unquestioning, catchy little three minute rants on how messed up everything is; the audience members who were converted into fans through their set just about made up for lost friends.

Scarily inconsistent with their previous performances was their stage domineering. Such movements ranged from tipy toeing upfront and centre stage by Sam in an adorably vain attempt to make himself appear taller, to David’s Busted boys jump for the duration of Ironside, to Martin’s kickass “rockstar” stance. Which suggests they have taken another step forwards in their mental growth as artists, if seeming a little oiled.

The experience itself ventilated their stuffy image of refusing to face front and the petrified looks on their faces every time they took the stage. The crowd to emulate this change of attitude to NBA’s benefit.

The use of six Telecasters, their traditional three drumsticks and just about enough pedals to fulfill their pedantry took them through a speedy nine songs played out to a girl dancing on a projected backdrop.

The set list ran:
1) Not Everyone (second single/album track)
2) Just Friends (album track)
3) Over The Ocean (Cosmopolitan b-side)
4) Cosmopolitan (first single/album track)
5) Get Your Guns (album track and performance favourite)
6) Unsatisfied (fourth new single/album track)
7) Ilana Song (enigmatic/performance favourite Shot Down b-side)
8) Ironside (album track)
9) and finally Shot Down (third single/album track)

For the duration of the set, hair in eyes, the vocals sounded somewhat strained; they all looked like they could do with a bit of a break from touring all year but their performance was full of effort and they were clearly pleased to be a little closer to home. They stuck to their guns and feedback was purposely fed through the speaker system as crowd communication from Sam came to a climax at introducing Unsatisfied; “This is er yeah… this is Unsatisfied”.

Set highlights were Just Friends and Ilana Song throughout which appreciative ululations of excitement and headbanging were at their most frequent. The end saw all three drumsticks being thrown into the eager audience by James.

What Frog has confirmed amongst other things is that their performance is finally shifting gear from just satisfying.

See their website for their upcoming tourdates – including a free in-store this Tuesday downstairs on the swanky new stage in the massive new coffee/instruments section at Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street (nearest tube station – Tottenham Court Road)

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More to follow…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was very good 🙂

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