Larry Beau – Peepshow Stars

The haunting, Dylan inspired Larry Beau is a prime example of how perfectly contradictory goth rock tends to be; happy sad music which for one minute is fantastic, meaningful and charismatic and the next, not.

The word goth itself was initially intended as an insult when first contrived from it’s Latin and Greek origins. Goth is similarly an insult towards Larry; as an outfit for his music it does not appear to suit him, regardless of which it would appears that he has an affection for it. In firmly maintaining faith in his affections what Larry has achieved is creating something quite out of the ordinary. This album seems a huge amount less manufactured than other music in circulation at present. On first listen it’s not very easy to get into, but on second the fairytale captured inside Larry’s head begins to unfold.

The cover’s dark red and blacks that serve as the mastered background photo to the contrasting white text provoking a startled first glance which, reflects upon the album itself aptly. It depicts Beau adorned in eyeliner looking North Eastwards; as if to suggest depression which provides a parallel for the choice of his tone of voice throughout.

The moment at which Declan Burkeshines through his Larry Beau stage persona is the moment at which he comes accross as honest, captivating and brilliant in track three – sleeping valentine. This melodic, melancholy mourn for a lost love one is surely just a peep of the emotional astuteness that he will mature into comfortably conveying in what is yet to come.

“Darkening memory of every rejection”; insightful, sad, but optimistic – Larry Beau stripped bare.

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4 Responses to Larry Beau – Peepshow Stars

  1. Anonymous says:

    I checked this boy out this afternoon. He gets into the blood , thats for sure. A twisted kind of beauty, like nothing I’ve heard before.
    Listen with a scotch on the rocks and a knife in the heart. Tragic!

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