ALBUM REVIEW: Fairfax – Water Cooler Stories

Lovey dovey, easy listening at it’s zenith; Fairfax’s album Water Cooler Stories desperately clings onto the zeitgeist of Wild West.

It’s a pretty number pumped as full of fake romanticism as recently became apparent was Sienna and Jude’s engagement. Sad as this may seem, as the sweet surrendered sounds of the West flood your ears as those encapsulating photos of Sienna and Jude filled the glossies front pages not so long ago, it becomes clear that realism has little to do with Water Cooler Stories. It’s about an ideology of love that one finds oneself creating as events unfold as you find a vine of romanticism creeping it’s way up your leg.

“I’d rather be spoiled than leave you on the ground”, Swell is centralised around the word play on the classic Bible fable of Adam and Eve with the loving essence of the metaphysical poets of old. Mournful as it is regretful as it is melodramatic, Intervention then progresses into tear provoking seeming sincerity. Which, is then torn into a bloody, gut wrenching mess by Why Are You Crying and all of the potential for affirmation evaporates into the shiny, E-number dominated, plastic-y mess that summarises Water Cooler Stories.

Charming as all of these rather cheap metaphors may seem as they hit, reality inevitably sends you plummeting back down to the rubbish dump of an industry that we live and work in, while remaining to appear a little conjured. Water Cooler Stories can be as appealingly honest and charming as it can be disgusting and conjured and if you were to be taken in by the track names then you’ll undoubtedly be taken in by the tracks themselves. Vodkas all around.

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