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Last updated: [i]Wednesday 9th November 2005[/i]

[b]—- [u]January 2006[/u] —-[/b]

[i]Tuesday 17[/i]
Kings Head, Crouch end with: Tuung | Hazey Jane
[url=] 93 Feet East [/url] with: The Beautiful New Born Children

[i]Thursday 19[/i]
The Metro with: Comanechi | [url=] October All Over [/url]

[i]Friday 20[/i]
ULU with: [url=] Akira [/url]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: [url=] The Optimist Club [/url]
[url=] The Buffalo Bar [/url] with: The Young Knives
Garage, Upstairs with: 3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners | Soeza
Islington Academy Bar with: [url=] S. Rock Levinson [/url]

[i]Saturday 21[/i]
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with: [url=] The Schla La Las [/url]
[url=] The Buffalo Bar [/url] with: Kaito
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: [url=] 65 Days of Static [/url] | Long Blondes
[url=] The Notting Hill Arts Club [/url] with: Secondsmile | Jairus | Meet Me In St Louis

[i]Sunday 22[/i]
Imperial College Union with: [url=] The Lucida Console [/url] | [url=] Souvaris [/url] | Candy Sniper | [url=] Epideme [/url]
[url=] The Notting Hill Arts Club [/url] with: [url=] Mukka [/url] | Joe Townsend & Martin Green

[i]Monday 23[/i]
[url=] The Spitz [/url] with: [url=] Popular Workshop [/url]
[url=] The Bull and Gate [/url] with: Lapsus Linguae | The Mandelbrot Set

[i]Tuesday 24[/i]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Jeremy Warmsley
Madame Jo-Jos with: Neils Children | [url=] Blood Red Shoes [/url] | Tera:Tora

[i]Wednesday 25[/i]
Islington Academy with: Luke Haines
Catch with: Trencher
[url=] The Windmill [/url] with: Quack Quack | [url=] Kyote [/url]
Cargo with: [url=] The Spinto Band [/url]

[i]Thursday 26[/i]
[url=] The Buffalo Bar [/url] with: Killing Kalina | Great Bear | [url=] Akira [/url]

[i]Friday 27[/i]
The Pleasure Unit with: [url=] Up C Down C (upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start) [/url]
The Zodiac with: [url=] Popular Workshop [/url]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Jamie T | Jeniferever | Comanechi

[i]Saturday 28[/i]
Bamos Presents: Zonino! at On the Rocks with: The Rank Deluxe | Bomb Factory

[i]Sunday 29[/i]
Montague Arms with: Todd | Hey Colossus | Part Chimp | Lords

[b]—- [u]February 2006[/u] —-[/b]

[i]Wednesday 1[/i]
[url=] Luminaire [/url] with: Barnes, Ted | M. Craft | Barbarossa

[i]Thursday 2[/i]
Apollo Victoria Theatre with: Nick Cave
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Be Your Own Pet
Ryan’s Bar (Stoke Newington) with: [url=] Pete And The Pirates [/url] | [url=] Gear [/url] | [url=] Exgirlfriends [/url] | [url=] Hands on Heads [/url]
Catch with: The Swear | Weekend Steve

[i]Friday 3[/i]
Garage, Upstairs with: That Fucking Tank | [url=] Cove [/url]
[url=] Luminaire [/url] with: The Books
[url=] Water Rats [/url] with: [url=] Twentysixfeet [/url] | [url=] The Optimist Club [/url]

[i]Saturday 4[/i]
Shepherd’s Bush Empire with: Regina Spektor
The Spread Eagle (Hoxton) with: [url=] S. Rock Levinson [/url] | [url=] Popular Workshop [/url]
Enterprise with: Kinsella, Tim | Yelp of Sords | Project Serendipity | Holehouse, Tim | Radiomast

[i]Sunday 5[/i]
[url=] Luminaire [/url] with: The Books

[i]Monday 6[/i]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: ADULT.

[i]Wednesday 8[/i]
[url=] Mean Fiddler/Astoria [/url] with: Broken Social Scene
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Clearlake

[i]Thursday 9[/i]
[url=] Mean Fiddler/Astoria [/url] with: My Morning Jacket

[i]Friday 10[/i]
Hammersmith Apollo with: Belle & Sebastian
Islington Academy with: Earth | Sun 0)))

[i]Saturday 11[/i]
Cargo with: The Gossip

[i]Monday 13[/i]
[url=] The Buffalo Bar [/url] with: Jeniferever | Foals

[i]Tuesday 14[/i]
[url=] Battersea Barge [/url] with: Piney Gir | Alexander Festival Hall
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: CALLA

[i]Wednesday 15[/i]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Envelopes
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Envelopes

[i]Thursday 16[/i]
[url=] Luminaire [/url] with: [url=] Battles [/url]
[url=] The Windmill [/url] with: [url=] Tilly and the Wall [/url] | [url=] Money Can’t Buy Music [/url]
[url=] The Spitz [/url] with: Brokaw, Chris

[i]Friday 17[/i]
The Boston Arms with: The Buff Medways
[url=] The Spitz [/url] with: Grand Old Dukes
The Purple Turtle (The Buzzard) with: [url=] October All Over [/url]

[i]Saturday 18[/i]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: Dawn of the Replicants

[i]Sunday 19[/i]
[url=] The Buffalo Bar [/url] with: [url=] The Optimist Club [/url]
[url=] The Buffalo Bar [/url] with: [url=] Emmy The Great [/url] | [url=] The Optimist Club [/url]

[i]Tuesday 28[/i]
Borderline with: The Campaign For Real Time | Secondsmile
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: The Research | Absentee

[b]—- [u]March 2006[/u] —-[/b]

[i]Wednesday 1[/i]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: The Research

[i]Thursday 2[/i]
Clockwork with: [url=] The Optimist Club [/url]

[i]Tuesday 7[/i]
[url=] The Barfly (London) [/url] with: The Young Knives

[i]Friday 10[/i]
The Boston Arms with: Zombina & The Skeletones

[i]Friday 17[/i]
Kings Head, Crouch end with: Broadhurst, Penny

[i]Saturday 18[/i]
[url=] Mean Fiddler/Astoria [/url] with: Will Haven

[i]Saturday 25[/i]
[url=] The Fenton [/url] with: [url=] The Dragon Rapide [/url] | [url=] Souvaris [/url]

[i]Monday 27[/i]
[url=] The Scala [/url] with: Deerhoof

[i]Friday 31[/i]
The Boston Arms with: The Buff Medways

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