Truck Festival 2005

easy… have just got back from the truck festival in oxford. nice little place with only about 3000 people there. several good bands & lots of horse sh*t. special mention in this category must go to ‘sexy breakfast’, the ‘schla la la’s’ & the magic numbers. to say anything else would be slander & i don’t wanna start slagging everybody off so let’s just leave it at that. as far as decent bands go, the electric soft parade were ace. they replaced the even more excellent ‘clor’ & did a brilliant job. ‘your code name is: milo’ were also pretty good doing their slint/fugazi thing with great aplomb. the raveonettes are always good for a laugh & the kids seemed to agree, they can take their rightful place in honour roll of bands that didn’t suck this weekend. biffy clyro were also pretty awesome but to be honest by that point i was in the mood for some drum n’ bass, so i went to watch DJ marky from brazil who tore the roof off the barn, set fire to it jumped around on it’s ashes. other mention must go to the editors (rubbish version of interpol), goldrush (i was enjoying them then i wasn’t, so i went to get an ice cream) & do me bad things who are a heavy metal jive bunny. apart from that it was a tidy weekend & i’ll be going back next year.

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2 Responses to Truck Festival 2005

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was out drinking with 4/5’s of the Schla la las on Thursday night. We had a very nice Vietnamese (I think) meal. I digress…

    I was sorry to miss this festival. I’ll have ot make an effort for next year, for sure.


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