Chomsky Torrents

If i met Noam Chomsky in a bar Id ply him with alchohol and take him home. A leopard skin rug, an open fire, some fine vintage wines, and a little bach on the stereo.

Given my love for chomsky, I was quite excited to stumble apon [url][/url], a website with a whole shitload of chomsky speeches, chomsky videos, and other hot chomsky on chomsky action.

Seriously, you should go there and get yourself some chomsky. Its enlightening, its impowering, he doesnt fuck around or twist the truth, its really very refreshing.

Some of the material is copyrighted so do a little research and make sure you dont download something people are asking for money for.

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2 Responses to Chomsky Torrents

  1. Anonymous says:

    shit, forgot to say. the site serves out torrent files, which are used with a peer 2 peer file sharing program called bit torrent.

    peer 2 peer file sharing isnt inherently illegal, despite what you may have heard, its simply a different way of distributing files across the internet then click-to-download, one computer sending a file to another computer method thats the default. It helps distribute the strain of hosting files across many computers.

    If youre using windows you can download bit torrent files using a program like [url=]bitcomet[/url]

    If youre using an apple you can download bit torrent files using a program like [url=]the official bit torrent for macintosh client[/url]

    And if youre using linux, a) youre a fucking sadist and b) you already know what to do. And c) use [url=]ubuntu[/url].

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