Test Icicles: Live at Fabric 15/ 07/ 05

“Who likes alcohol?” snarls Rory Atwell, leaning as far over the stage as is humanely possible without actually falling. “Is everybody ready to get fucked up?!”.
Spastic hardcore trio Test Icicles lace everything in sarcasm; they confront and un-settle the audience, if only because it’s hard not to when a) the entire room reverberates to the sound of your drum machine, and b) they clamber into the crowd, screaming into people’s faces as all around them swirls crushingly heavy noise. Swapping vocals and guitar duty on each track, Rory and nineteen year old co-members Dev Hynes and Sam Mehran flail across the stage, creating a sound akin to what would happen if the Blood Brothers, Suicide, and early-Beastie Boys decided to play together simultaneously at a party, a party where all anyone would want to do is dance. Tonight Test Icicles are so jaw-droppingly good, so utterly inspired, that they border on the absurd.
Pulling the entire keyboard down with him, Dev collapses off the stage one last time, and this Friday night Fabric crowd have no idea what the fuck just happened. Test Icicles: the single most viscerally exciting (and impossibly good looking) band this reviewer has seen in an absolute aeon.

Visit: http://www.test-icicles.com
Their debut single ‘Boa Vs Python’ is out August 1st on Domino.

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