Do we settle for too much

All of those things that get you going – Big Brother, ridiculous tube fairs, congestion charging, advert breaks, shit music, soaring petrol costs, a crap system of government – that you’ve never done anything about because you do not think it will make a difference makes me wonder… is mediocracy ever enough?

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4 Responses to Do we settle for too much

  1. Anonymous says:

    its true. from now on i will live on a diet of fine wines and caviare, the satisfaction of my every fickle whim (of which there are many) the life devotion of an army of intense, dedicated, yet humble, serfs. I realise this might not be the most ideal solution for the rest of you, but i have some serf positions opening up with good benefits packages and a four day work week.

    also, im going to stop riding the bus to work. because in summer months it starts to really, really smell.

    im not sure we can do anything about shit music. people just seem to keep buying it and as long as theres good music around (of which there is plenty), fuck it. as long as they’re happy with thier crap, let them have it.

    I think my first command will be “find me my ideal shade of blue”.

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