Life after death is no mean feat for any broken band. Kinesis released this statement in March 2005:

Five years after having formed Kinesis are no more. If we leave a legacy of any kind, we hope it is one of inspiration – it is better to be proactive than reactive. We would like to thank everyone who has played a part in this adventure.

Here are the leftovers of what was, reviewed.

1. A Voice To Pressure
Lamenting piano and nostalgia evocation is never going to make the best of an introduction. It’s typical easy listening with little focus on the lyrics while providing no sense of direction for the tracks to follow.

2. You Are Being Lied To
The title track that in contrast to the introduction is catchy and yet more melodramatic. The chorus chimes “You are being lied to by those who should protect you” and conveys an emotionally tearing experience similar to that of lets say a break up.

3. Everything You Thought You Knew
Again, there is something tearing these songs to shred and this time it’s working in their favour. Although the lyrics are quite romanticized, the essential voice of the song is conveyed aptly. There is a lot of lovely raw paw in this track that is pathetically masked by clichéd metaphors.
Overall it’s an improvement because it deals more directly with the issues in mind at the time of writing than it’s predecessors but at the same time their influences become overexposed. It becomes increasingly obvious as the second by second it becomes more and more of a match with Muse.

4. Principles Are A Luxury
Another, if slightly more intense, sad track which unveils the band’s demons through the combination of the depressing lyrics – “Will you listen to a word I say?” and intensified guitars.

5. Perception Management
This track leans more towards a Slipknot remix, making it the crap track on the album. This is not exactly an unusual occurrence in albums but this track is just wrong. Logic defies the lyrics and it just comes across as a blown up rant.

6. Like Vultures
Contrasting tracks seem to be a commonly occurring theme on this album because this is an actually pretty decent track (when you compare it to the rest of the shit). It gives a nice impression of a soaring vulture, which is nice. However, again it is torn, it is depressing and it is too dramatized for it’s own good. It’s wonky in every meaning of the word.

7. “Have My Sympathy… ask no more”
A headache in the form of music.

8. Rainbow In The Night
Felicitously named and a diamond in the rough. It’s easy, its quick and it’s still at it with the bloody similes. It’s not brilliant, it’s not fantastic but, for complaining, complacent, confused rock music it’s not bad. It would however, be substantially better if the lyrics weren’t so glorified.

9. A Prayer For Death
Sad, reflective, suicidal and bad. Again. One too many ooo’s with lots of depressing whines and little shift in the lyrics. Agony Aunts and Uncles play your hearts out.

10. The Question Has Changed
One of those “should’ve”, “would’ve”, “could’ve” numbers veiled thinly by distorted comparisons.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this album that no depressive should go without.

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