Conspiracy Theory No. 43

Dear World.

Please forward this story to everyone you know through email. The answer is out there.

I come from Burkino Faso and I beleive that I should tell you. The African Leaders are more likely to have wanted to stop the G8 from talking on that day than ‘Islamic terrorists’.

This is from the London newspaper

Attacks came ‘out of the blue’
8 July 2005 – London Evening Standard
Home Secretary Charles Clarke today said no intelligence had been missed and yesterday’s terror attacks in London “came out of the blue”.

He said the possibility that suicide bombers were involved was being looked at “very closely” and that a website claim of responsibility by Islamist extremists was “a serious one”.

Make up your own mind about why ‘Make Poverty History’ did not help us in the way we had prayed for.

Crown Prince
Burkino Faso

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2 Responses to Conspiracy Theory No. 43

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well it’s a step toward that, one could hope.

    Given what they know about the bombers I think the ‘African connection’ is looking increasingly more unlikley.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Did make poverty history make any actual difference?

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