The Little Flames – "Change your tune and change your hair or you're not going anywhere."

Catching up with The Little Flames.

“All we had was a dictaphone recording with Joe and Miles screaming and ad-libbing on, and the very last bit of one of the tunes. Eva had pages of lyrics scribbled down, and Greg had completely dismantled the drum machine to make an ashtray. We’d only been together about 18 hours. Proper chaos.”

Chaos indeed. The Little Flames have recently been added to the XFM playlist having just released their first video to accompany their second single.

The band is comprised of five Liverpool grown lovelies: Miles, who “likes shortbread”, Joe who appreciates the effects of coke, Greg the frustrated drummer (with an equally frustrated brother as a tour manager – Jay), Matt who was unable to attend the chat due to his “paragliding down snowdon” and the encapsulating husky voice that accompanies her cool sense of 60’s inspired style; Eva. Their influences include Oasis, Milkshake, Billy Childish, The Fall and The Spice Girls… apparently.

They all “right” the songs together; how endearing.

People have a tendency to take to this lot like they’d take their sushi (I’m sick of marmite). Then again, even if you do hate them you have no chance of forgetting them – their latest release Put Your Dukes Up is repetative, is easy to digest, is different and does leave you in a bit of a haze. The phsyced out instrumentals combined with the heavy backing vocals make for the perfect compliment to the intensifying vocals.

Their back-catalogue includes more touring than it has done recording which is somewhat comprehensible considering that live they’re more powerful and hard hitting whereas recorded they are more subdued.

See for their video, a pop-up link harassing you to buy their single and a forum filled to the brim with witty comments from Greg Mighall (the drums).

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