Demo Review: The Sailplanes

The kids still just wanna fuck and fight in the basement…

The Sailplanes are three alt.rock dervishes from London who came together earlier this year – intent on crafting songs that celebrate the “beauty of economy”. The ‘Swoosh’ EP is a great start – managing to sound both raw and composed at the same time. The Kills pretty-boy/girl-mess is a useful reference point, but The Sailplanes own ‘dark love and a sick beat’ is much more abrasive. ‘I See You Walk’ sounds like a young Polly Jean swooning over scattershot bursts of noise. ‘Wolf At The Door’ is a tiny dollop of latter-day Radiohead glitch-tronica. ‘Indifference’ is a fuzzily-literate lo-fi art-rock racket that out-Sonic Youths Sonic Youth. (+ Just for good measure, they hurl a Sleater-Kinney cover into the mix, too- which is most definitely a good thing.)

Mainline The Sailplanes – their subtle charms will fry your little brains!

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2 Responses to Demo Review: The Sailplanes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, sorry I will update the gig guide. It’s just not been the weekend for being in front of a CRT. 😦


  2. Anonymous says:

    The Sailplanes are playing at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town.

    Tim sailplane

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