Thee Unstrung + Echelon (Budrisings) @ The Marquee in London

Budrisings @ The Marquee

The night push started off on the third floor of The Marquee with the decisively named band Echelon (echelon meaning a body of troops arranged in a line), followed by Thee Unstrung.

Echelon were pleasantly mellowed. They were kitted out in uniformly skinny t-shirts and jeans with your average looking pastel guitars. They immediately shyed away from the crowd and spent half the set looking down at the floor or at the back just managing eight out of nine easily forgettable songs to a lukewarm congregation. They were either victims of a mean fate – wrong time, wrong place, wrong crowd, or they were just plain wrong.
The set list went: “Hear Yourself, Plus, PRbble With, Windows, Humble, This Room, Safty Net…” (?) “…Big Dally…” and finished with “Both Sides” The highlight of which would have been Humble where their sound shifted from unmemorable to really quite good but was lost on far away thoughts.

Next up came Thee Unstrung dressed in comparatively smart shirts and skinny ties. The four of them sweated confidence and with reason; think Pete and Carl (now Steve and Ben) meets Sid Vicious vocals. Two out of the four sung and with effortless confidence together, the third was as platonic as a rock and the fourth consumed himself in banging the shit out of his drum kit.
They started off with Trip Out Of London followed by You, Panthers, Looking For Nancy, Love Is, Who Runs the Show and then invited their frenzied fans up onstage to dance the hell out of Contrary Mary to the cameras and expired with a hearty Goodnight.

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