Psykick Dancehall: Sonic Boom to DJ (20th May 2005)

From the Press Release:

Hypno-drone legend [b]Sonic Boom[/b] is to Dj at this month’s [b]Psykick Dancehall[/b] at Bardens Boudoir (Stoke Newington Road, N16) on Friday May 20th. The night, organised by London band [b]Faculty[/b] also features sets from [b]Akira, The Projects & the Stella Maris Drone Orchestra[/b]. The club runs from 9-3 and tickets are £5/4 with flyer. As a special offer anyone who goes to see The Fall playing the very same night and turns up brandishing their ticket gets in free! For more info go to

[b]Stella Maris Drone Orchestra[/b] – Stella Maris Drone Orchestra is an evolving electro-acoustic collective. Purveyors of ambientkrautdoomragas to the discriminating psychonaut since 2003. Since its inception the SMDO has filled venues across London with soundscapes from the furthest reaches of the harmonic spectrum: from hypnotic oceans of tone to harsh shambolic dissonances. In 2005 the SMDO intend to expand sonically and geographically beyond the boundaries of the capital and the nation state. Drone on!

[b]Faculty[/b] – Clearly, the Universe’s Music Faculty. Shimmering guitar swirls, telegraph-wire whistling in the wind, chiming chords with ringing harmonics, hot-tar pedal pitch-bending. Irresistibly simple upfront bass melodies. Drums of rolling thunder, a steady rumble between the lightning bursts. Songs about the descent into the underworld and other psyche-outs as compelling as they are sombre

[b]Akira[/b] – Akira formed out of a car-crash in the late 2001. The noise they make has been described as ‘loud,’ ‘evill’ and ‘cool.’ Their influences include that buzzing inside your head and that sound your mother makes when she laughs. They are currently building themselves a reputation

[b]The Projects[/b] – The Projects follow the map drawn up by the Gang of Four, translating sociological analysis into pop poetics verging on the non-sensical. Imagine Brian Eno giving Debbie Harry a lift to the local roller skate disco in his convertible, Devo is on the stereo and the sun is definitely shining.

For more info please contact

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One Response to Psykick Dancehall: Sonic Boom to DJ (20th May 2005)

  1. Anonymous says:

    sonic boom is a legend! am definitely going to that!

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