The Tories Win Anyway

Yeah. I had somewhat comforted myself with the thought that a Labour victory at least wasn’t [i]actually[/i] a Tory victory. But alredy Tony’s pledging to adopt key areas of the Conservative manifesto, including the “it’s not racist” plans to tackle immigration. Of course it is racist and we know it. As someone pointed out on Radio 4 at the weekend, a planned cap on immigration doesn’t have the electorate thinking of a reduction of Kiwis, Aussies and the like, but of blacks and Asians.

In any event, Michael Howard seems to be trying to back this sort of policy decision of Tony’s up, claiming that Labour only need to deal with the invented immigration issue and clean up hospitals (how hard can it be? Maybe Mr. Howard would like to get his MPs out there with some mops and buckets?) to get support. Off hand this strikes me as fairly stupid on Howard’s side: Labour are already apeing the Tories in an attempt to keep their home support so I can’t see that the Tories want them following through to the point where Labour wins back all those Tory voters it’s lost this time round.

Certainly the only hope the Lib Dems have of becoming a viable party in my mind is when Labour move so far right that the Conservatives have no one but a few embittered hopefuls to vote for them.

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2 Responses to The Tories Win Anyway

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Lib Dems will never be a viable party, they are a joke.

    I was fairly pleased with the outcome on the whole – the Tories didn’t win, and lots of Blairite “New Labour” types lot their seats. Galloway also beat the despicable Oona King, which was nice.

    It’s looking like Blair’s gonna go soon, and methinks the next few years could see a return to the more traditional – and in my opinion more healthy – right vs left politics in westminster, rather than the “centrist” (soft right) consensus that merely marginalises real politics. Hope so, anyway.

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