Kaiser Chiefs – Leeds Virgin Megastore – (08/03/05)

Kaiser Chiefs
Virgin Megastore – Leeds
Tuesday 8th March 2005

Oh my God I can’t believe it local boys are back home!

So, half the people here got up at stupid o clock yesterday to buy Employment, the Kaiser Chiefs debut album. I have it on good authority that the first nutter got there at 4am on Monday 7th march. I hope they have a good view at 7pm, the following day when the Kaiser Chiefs take to the stage at their local Virgin Megastore. The album is excellent, has been in my CD player for 36 hours, so it is obviously a full house for Yorkshire’s new Rock Royalty who must be enjoying this as much as getting on CD:UK and praise from Macca at the NME Awards.

Instores are wicked and having been brought up in London and being fed a staple diet of West End instores, it is great to be seeing this show. When you’re 14, love bands and live in London travel cards are cheap, records will stay with you for ages and you avoid the whole being out on a school night problem so you go to loads of free instore gigs even if it means getting up really early! This Leeds show is backed by big local demand who are proud of the band. Loud cheers follow a local lad’s introduction (he told us where the fire exits were, but never said his name) for the hottest thing to come out of Leeds since Nell McAndrew!

KC open with the light on lyrics, high on melody and catchiness ‘Na Na Na Na Naa’ which sounds like Franz Ferdinand on acid and speed. The crowd, mostly made up of 13-25 year olds are in love, especially those saw this band play the Leeds venues as Kaiser Chiefs last year and even earlier as Parva, this band are finally getting the credit they deserve. Therefore there are familiar faces who are older, people who have helped the band out and remain friends right through to singer Rick’s parents who get a wave during ‘Everyday I love you less and less” and even writing this that lyric remains in my head and I wanna sing it out loud!

Intros out of the way and its clear this is the Rick (singer) and Nick (drummer) show, which is great because they are really funny, a great double act with a fantastic use of English. The album is proof of this, it is funny and unique. I have an idea for you guys if you are getting to read this…write a comedy show whilst bored on tour. I am sure it would be great and keep you smiling all day, not to mention be popular if ever produced professionally!

They play 6 songs and encore “Temperature Rising” in a 25 minute set in total with album
track “Modern Way” followed by singles “Oh My God” which gets the best response of the set and “I predict a riot”. “I predict a riot” was described as a song about Leeds people written by Leeds people for Leeds people last time they played their hometown on the NME tour at Leeds Uni and given what it is about, I couldn’t agree more about the correctness of content. This makes it my favourite song on the album, not just because it has the right name for someone from Leeds but also because it rocks and the crowd here love to sing along!

Closing on “Time Honoured Tradition”, it is time for Virgin to get their monies worth so form a queue to meet the band and get them to sign their name again! I use this opportunity to write this report on my phone for everyone to read and have it finished by the time I get to the front. For a great quote on signing autographs check out this fortnight’s Leeds Guide. Peanut has the right idea and I find out about it in the pub after the gig write up but just in time before posting this. I won’t tell you, just ask you to check out the ‘BRILLIANT’ article!

Weird concept, buying employment but Leeds is the fast growing, highest employed, most popular university city in the UK. It looks like their music scene is about to have a boom too, with this just the beginning. The label scouts are at the venues, some bands are signed making albums. Looks like Virgin Megastore Leeds will have more instores to arrange in future. Well done the Chiefs for starting this! Your right Everything is brilliant in Leeds!!!

Good luck in the US this week boys, I don’t think you will need much luck though!

Set list

1 Na Na Na Na Naa
2 Everyday I love you less and less
3 Modern Way
4 Oh My God
5 I Predict a Riot
6 Time Honoured Tradition


Temperature Rising – I think this is right.

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5 Responses to Kaiser Chiefs – Leeds Virgin Megastore – (08/03/05)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The title of the encore song is “Take My Temperature.” And the singer goes by Ricky, not Rick.

  2. Anonymous says:


    That is a little unfair, only offering critisms. Next time you critise, please be positive and offer something to the conversation. This website is built upon being nice and is used by nice people!

    Webmaster’s gimp
    Lots of Love
    Slient Bob

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d correct the article but I’d guess people will read your comment too.

    TheoGB (webmaster@iShotTheDeputy.com)

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