Single Review: This Et Al: He Shoots Presidents

After several false-starts, the time is now for brooding Leeds art-rockers This Et Al. Terrific new single ‘He Shoots Presidents’ is a paranoid call-to-arms that suggests Morrissey having a nervous breakdown whilst the Gang Of Four do their level best to ignore him. The comparison to the first gang in town is a worthy one – singer Wu’s borderline-androgynous vocals and his band’s angular, spiky glam convulsions make the track sound like a more-urgent, slightly-hysterical version of ‘At Home He’s A Tourist’ by Gang Of Four. Lyrically, you can also detect the briefest of nods in their direction. Halfway through, the track positively explodes in a welter of blood and spunk, and you realise that a lot of people’s lives will never be the same again.

Extra track ‘Catscan’ bursts open with a terrific glam stomp, and Wu, tainted by blackmarket dreams blurts out lyrics like “how did I ever get so talented?” over juddering Franz-esque rhythms. The song is a perfectly-realised wounded howl of intent: raw and melancholic – haunted by the beauty that causes havoc. By the time he swoons the line “I never heard anyone say … ‘fuck you’ to the man” your life will never be quite the same again.

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