Wombledon Fringe Festival (Wimbledon 1st July – 10th July 2005)

Wombledon, Wimbledon’s Fringe Arts Festival

The Experiment is over and now the hard work begins… see http://www.wombledon.org.uk/ the website of the Wimbledon Arts Trust and the Wimbledon Fringe Arts Festival also known as Wombledon.

In July 2004 Wimbledon joined Edinburgh, Brighton, Bath and various international cities as a host of its very own Fringe festival.

This Open arts Festival featured something for everyone and comprised the largest collection of eclectic, but connected cultural work displayed in the London Borough of Merton this year.

Wombledon 2005
Returning in 2005, on a much, much larger scale we hope that you will wish to be involved with the Festival in so many possible ways to make every stakeholder realise that this is THEIR event and they can shape its future growth. Last year it was 25 venues which hosted nearly 100 unvetted and judged artistic events in a seven day period were just the start of this event. In 2005 it will be 10 days of fun to link into the Wimbledon Tennis Finals starting 1st July to 10th July and with over 35 venues and 250 acts it is making its mark in all the arts!

Why not perform at Wombledon? see http://www.wombledon.org.uk/ and contact Julian@wombledon.org.uk for how.



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4 Responses to Wombledon Fringe Festival (Wimbledon 1st July – 10th July 2005)

  1. Anonymous says:

    and the STDs and anything else you can!!!

    Seriously…check out the website, this festival is hot…this Arty has a point!


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