AKIRA IN FEBRUARY [for anyone out there that cares- hah ha!]

people of the world and one-liners everywhere:

February will be a busy month for The Akira. Here’s a digest-

1) Our latest single ‘Insert. Repeat. Rollover. Sleep.’ is in the final stage of mixing and will be ready for general consumption soon and very soon.

2) We will be playing a warm-up gig at Nambucca (alternative pub on Holloway Rd) on Sunday, 6/02 at around 9pm. FREE ENTRY.

3) AKIRA PRESENTS: The Continuing Adventures of Colin Cuthbert (w/ Exploits of Elaine, Querelle and Bethia Beadman). Catch Bar. Shoreditch. Doors 8pm. Wednesday, 9/02. FREE ENTRY.

4) Dead or Alive @ The Comedy, Leicester Sq/Piccadilly Circus (w/ Dead Nines, Rokioski and Empty Vessels). Wednesday, 23/02. $4/$5.

for those of you who are still reading… we thank you.

some kind of future is happening and there’s a lot of it about.

we hope you are okay.


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