Review: Nixon and The Burn EP

Opening track ‘Shivers’ is a slice of twisted pop perfection : stark, yearning melodies and dark existential lyrics laid bare over soft/raw grunge dynamics. Its fuzzy headspace is situated somewhere on the alt.rock wasteground halfway between Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and Jimi Hendrix’s more-apocalyptic version of the same song.

‘Feral Blues’ is rasped like the truth; marrying a Von Bondies-esque glam stomp with a scorched-earth howl. Freaky biblical noise-folk of the highest order. PJ Harvey would be proud.

The small town angst of ‘Elephant’ “I was born in this dump… you’re no worse than me, man” is possibly the reason why the words ‘rip’ and ‘roaring’ were bound together so tightly in the first place. Lyrically it’s half Pavement-style ‘electricity and lust’; half disaffected (sub)urban blues. Musically, it has less-in-common with the Von Bondies old ‘Elephant’-referencing sparring partners the White Stripes, more-in-common with undervalued Brit-rockers Crackout – right down to the frenzied guitars and transatlantic drawl.

The whiskey-drenched blues of final track ‘Marsha’ wouldn’t sound out of place on the last Black Keys album. Kids everywhere with downtuned guitars and big dreams, strung out on codeine cough syrup would love to sound this good, but they never will.

Nixon and The Burn are limbering up to take their place in the Rock God Locker Room –please can they have the locker next to Frank Black?

Visit to order a copy of the new EP. We’ll have an interview with them up on the site in the next week or so.

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