Demo Review: The Robot vs.

The CD arrives with an interesting little black and white photocopy biography and the single silver CDR, a green permanent pen having been used to mark it, slipped into a plastic case with lyrics and all the necessary contact information: in short, a neat clean little package.

Reading the biography we are told: “The robot vs. is a project that sprung to life after the collapse of the bright-burning but short lived ‘synth rock trash’ outfit [i]psirens[/i]. The members reside in Fleet, Hampshire… we are middle class and don’t pretend otherwise. We have yet to commit the cardinal sin of writing a song about capitalism, but hey, its early days yet.” Already I like them so I stick the CD on and what I hear can best be explained as exactly what I want.

The music can be described as ‘angular’. You can also throw in the words ‘post-punk’, ‘experimental’, ‘changing time signatures’, but this really ignores their sheer energy of this band. It’s all fast, pithy stuff that burns with passion and ideas. Their biography mentions some things that “get us out of bed in the morning” and you get a strong sense of all of them here: “Engerica, the martini henry rifles, desaparecidos, drive like jehu, refused, sonic youth tunings, bret easton ellis, venetian snares, bright eyes, mclusky, glassjew, the edmund fitzgerald, nice cups of tea, J.G. ballard, manic street preachers, time ticking away, kill keneda, iain banks…”

Lyrically there’s a lot to apreciate here, strings of interesting phrases, linked by common ideas and ideals, giving a sense of modern beat poetry to the piece and reminding me of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead with their intelligence.

You can find out more (and download two tracks) here though these tracks aren’t the three from this disc: Enroute to Ultraviolence, Will They? No., The Crunch of Burst Bulbs.

See [url=?q=node/view/175]Things to Make and Do[/url] for upcoming gigs.

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