Live Review: The Others + The Rakes +The Ludes, At The Charlotte, Leicester, Thursday 27th January 2005.

Getting to a gig late isn’t usually something i do, but on this occasion it happened, the buses ain’t what they used to be. Walking into the historic Princess Charlotte, I was greeted with a wave of noise which almost ripped out my ear drums, it was so loud. it was the “punk-tastic :o” sound of The Ludes. As the main floor was rammed, watching from the bar was the best and most safe option, but their performance didn’t lose any of it’s power. Vocalist David Ashby scaled the dizzy heights of the charlotte stage (and added scaffolding), whilst spitting out the punchy lyrics, which the sweaty mound of people willfully soaked up. A decent set, including the single ‘Radio’, which was good enough to warm the waiting crowd up.

A short wait, and on came The Rakes, the band I was most looking forward to. ‘Strasbourg’ was the only song i’d heard before the gig, and was hoping teh rest of their set would match is quality. and for the most part it did, especially, ’22 Grand Job’, simple lyrics, yes, but it jumped along nicely and the guitar riff was one of the best of the night. They like, ‘The Ludes’, were not on stage long, as you would expect they don’t do long drawn out ballads or anything, they simply do fun, danceable numbers, simply to make you dance. The Album, out in the Summer, will be very good, i’m sure.

The crowd was lively and noisy, anticipating the appearance of ‘The Others’. Fronted by Dominic Masters, they are a strange mix. Masters, a shaggy haired, skinny bloke, who sqwarks out his lyrics, with ferocity, leaps from the stage into the crowd, without missing a word. He seams to be pleasantly surprised with the visible admiration from the mainly teenaged crowd. And, HANG ON, is that Robert Smith playing Bass? Of course not, but he does look alarmingly like The Cure man. He is the complete opposite to Masters, standing almost motionless, staring into the thin air, whilst playing. It almost seemed as if wasn’t interested, and when Masters wanted to do one more track, he had to be told to “just F***ing play it”.

So what to make of all 3 bands? firstly, The Ludes were not bad, wasn’t sure what to expect from them ,as their name conjured up images of and obnoxious bunch of spotty teenagers, with nothing to say, but they were alright actually, and i’ll look forward to hearing more stuff. The Rakes were great, couldn’t really pick out any poor songs, and their set flowed really smoothly from track to track. As for The Others, they were very impressive, latest single ‘Lackey’ got the moshing and crowd surfing started and it didn’t stop. Their self-titled Debut LP could be one of the best of 2005.

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2 Responses to Live Review: The Others + The Rakes +The Ludes, At The Charlotte, Leicester, Thursday 27th January 2005.

  1. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know much about them, except that they sound like twats. didn’t they do a song called “this is for the poor”, seemingly returning to the patronising glorification of poverty so brilliantly destroyed by pulp’s “common people”. i haven’t heard the song, mind, but the title just sounds crap, sort of condescending.

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