Same old Brits..

is there really any point in the Brits? just a quick scan through the nominations suggest that the safest of the safe possible choices seem to be the only ones acceptable. Not that i don’t think Franz are a good band but after a year as the industry darlings do they really need the board-sweeping that they are going to recieve? and are they really the best band we have to offer? As for Keane, one extremely mediocre album down the line and they’re up for three including best british group?! Maybe i’m just being cynical but have the panel just had a quick scan through Q and thought “yeah, they’ll do…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I wouldn’t be that kind to Keane: One insipid album that reminds us why we need bands who actually some fucking emotion in them!

    It is true that the Brits have always been fundamentally arse. I think there was that brief couple of years where Blur were clearly an example of a great band and also won awards but I now look back on that as an aberration by the judges.

    After all, they had their chance (in the form of Radiohead) to prove that it was all about the music and hey, they just happened to be popular too…and gave an award to The Verve for Urban Hymns for best album. One would like to think this was posthumous glory for ‘A Storm In Heaven’ but frankly it was a bit late to be award stuff to that piece of brilliance, especially to overlook OK Computer.

    But these awards are always just a mutual backslapping contest. I wonder when the last time was that someone won an award who shunned the ceremony? Probably the only good thing ever to come out of the Brits was Jarvis Cocker taking the piss out of Michael Jackson’s ‘live’ performance.

    Oh and let’s not forget that the NME’s Brat awards are sponsored by Wella this year. If ever proof were needed that having the ‘right’ hair is the most important thing in their minds…

    (Still, ISTD member ‘Headlarge’ should be okay when he gets his ginger afro sorted.)


  2. Anonymous says:

    ..I’m ashamed to say I have a copy and it is a pack of whiney dross, though I guess the plinky choruses are preferable to Capital FM listeners than say, Interpol.

    NME awards sponsered by Wella? not very rock’n’roll is it? Next thing we’ll have the Strokes in Head and Shoulders ads or Pete Doherty promoting herbal organics (“’s better than crack”)

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