Leeds – Cardigan Arms – 28/12/04 – Obscene Baby Auction Xmas Special Review

Cowtown were first on stage, one drummer, one guitar and one keyboard/ guitar. They play float-y indie rock with bursts of hardness made good by use of beach boy’s style keyboard play-age. The second song was announced as “this is a song about surfing …in Leeds”, what more can one ask for! Once ended the guitarist Jon claimed “that was terrible, a bit like if you tried surfing in Leeds!” Well I enjoyed it. More loveliness came and went including impressive stop, start drumming, light and tight guitars and James Bond keys. Think Devo or Deerhoof and you wouldn’t be far of. I will most definitely see this band again and would also suggest checking out Jon Nash’ other bands Brown Owl, and The Dragon Rapide.

Beer was bought, cigarettes were smoked and the second band of the night Poltergroom appeared onstage. An arse spanking new band molded from bits of Dungeon Dungeon and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Dressed in what I can only describe as barbarian fancy dress. Blonde curly wig avec shower cap on drums, bare chest and belts covering nipples on one guitar, socks and executioners hood on the other. Grins appeared on the faces of the crown, and their music was just as pleasing. More dance-worthy stop-startedness ensued with intervals for shouting “oooooooh, eeeeeeh!” and members reaching into the crowd to touch the chins of friends during rare vocal spasms. (I’m sure I heard “just like chicken”!?).

[url=http://www.thatfuckingtank.tk]That Fucking Tank[/url] had apparently just finished recording their second ep that afternoon and I had much anticipation to hear their new material. They play semi improvised funishment a little like oxes, Ruins or Pink and Brown. Older stuff sounds alot like these two members of Kill Yourself, trying to kill each other with finger spraining guitar harshness and pedal to the metal drums. Think mega-loud math rock disconess with jazzy-spazzy drums and a metal style guitar headbutt. The new songs they played were more of the same but with funk and folksy inspired riffs. Andy Abbott (guitar)’s output should come with a public health warning, or at least a set of free earphones.

[b]|[/b] [url=http://theogb.com/media/oba281204/01.jpg]01[/url] [b]|[/b] [url=http://theogb.com/media/oba281204/02.jpg]02[/url] [b]|[/b] [url=http://theogb.com/media/oba281204/03.jpg]03[/url] [b]|[/b]

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