Three Bands To Look Out For In The First Part of 2005

These may already be known to you, but these are my three tips for the success stories of the first bit of this year.

1. The Arcade Fire – Sounding like Bright Eyes mixed with post-rock, Pitchfork have already named their debut album of the year, although it is yet to be released on This Fair Isle. When it is, no doubt it will be a critics darling, although what I have heard from it is truly fantastic, and anything that will move the music press from “ver- Libertines-me-too-London-scene”. But back to the music, it’s good, it’s catchy, it sounds new and fresh, and I urge you to go buy it when it’s released.

2. Bloc Party – After a string of fantastic singles, their debut album, already leaked on the net (though unheard by me, being the good boy I am) should be fantastic. No doubt you’ve all heard them, but for those who haven’t, basically, Gang of Four with strange dark sounding doo-wops, jagged guitars, mind blowing drumming and less minimalist jagged-ness. However, judging from their b-sides some of the album at least will be mellower than the high energy singles. These calmer tracks are fascinating with intricate guitar and general fresh intrigue value. I have a feeling Bloc Party may be the new Radiohead, in a punkier sort of way.

3. Lyca Sleep – A local band, who I like, recently released their first single which is very reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. I think there’ll soon be a back lash against all this minimalist music, so, here kids, is the start of the shoegazing revival.

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