10,000 Things ARE YOU READY??

Caroline Murphy
– 10,000 Things – Review

So what do the music magasines know about the “sensitive side” of a group of sexed up 20-some”Things”!?! Their stage show gives anything but that impression but close up and personal in the smaller venues of Hull Jaz Bar and Shrewsbury Buttermarket, I can tell a different story. Ok, so the sexual content of many of their songs is anything but innuendo, but the bass and lead guitar riffs (courtesy of George, Will, and Davro) in “Food Chain” for example, give a far weightier tone to what could otherwise be pure frivolity. Lead singer, Sam Riley’s horny girations, coupled with expressions like, “You’re a good f**k Will” are balanced by the other musicians obvious talent and enjoyment in their music. Will hardly bats an eyelid whilst Sam humps his leg (like a hamster on heat) simply continuing to play in his Mr. Smooth style. What other band features bongos, and a guiro, alongside sex, booze, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Sandwiched between “Murdoch” and “Dogs”, 10,000 Things certainly made a very tasty filling, and although the Shrewsbury audience were virgins to the “Things” experience, their cherries were soon popped by Sam and co’s “bring-it-on” performance. George Riley’s bass riff in “Eating’s Not Cheating” was ample competition for brother Sam’s salacious chat-up lines to the female members of the audience. This could only be bettered by Gareth “Davro” Davies’ sparkly “Titanium” underpants, a present from yours-truly, adourning one of his best features to full effect!

The wrist action of Justin “Action” Jackson, is probably best demonstrated in the chorus of “Oh No”, and what could be the theme of this song? Yeah, you guessed it, Sam playing away from home again, but this time he gets caught. Alistair “Stobb” Stobbard brings in percussion in a fashion more traditionally associated with the sleazy rock of today, and although no covers were played at Shrewsbury, Stobb showed off his matchless ability in their spine tingling rendition of Gang of Four’s – “Damaged Goods”, as part of the set at Hull Jaz Bar.

So what of their sensitive side? Well, ok they are hot and horny and all of that stuff, but my Mum loves them too, so they can’t be all bad! She says they’re their own best PR and i’m inclined to agree.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    …if anyone is interested in these guys, then check out upcoming tour dates at my website: http://groups.msn.com/10000things it’s worth it !! I have Mp3’s for anyone who wants more info. 🙂 – caz – mrs things xxxxxxx


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