Demo Review: The Faculty

We’ve had some really dreadful CD’s through our letterbox in the three months that we’ve been online. And I say this even though I know it’s easy and a little cowardly to take the piss out of demo’s – let’s get one thing straight, though, any pastings have been 100% merited. Aside from the faint promise of The Waxworks Waltz, Dirtblonde and Subculture, there’s been little to get excited about. I got something from band called [url=]The Faculty[/url] today. Shit name, I thought – reminds me of some American teen-flick, not my favourite genre. “Messages” has a powerful bassline backed by powerful percussion, alongside beautifully mournful guitars and an anguished, lilting chorus. Think Interpol, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Chameleons. The singer’s voice, however, is better suited to the grinding, almost spoken-word singing on “Sombre Honeymoon”, which despite an infectiously simple bass riff still wouldn’t sound out of place on “Dirty” by Sonic Youth. To nit-pick, the vocals aren’t perfect and if anything the whole arrangement is a little too well-crafted. The racket, though, is very very pretty. I like, I like.

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